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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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in. a spokesperson for the railroad told us there is no suction from an on coming train, but someone could get pull you have had under by it. the investigation is underway. but that is not the community's focus. >> i know the kids are going to have a tremendous outpouring for glen in many different ways. >> betty's family is very involved in the community. she was a popular, smart girl. one family friend said everyone wanted to be glen's friend since kindergarten. she is upon much too soon. >> in every class -- gone much too soon >> every class she was in there was a box you could write note to her and it was sitting at her desk. >> reporter: martinez is known through community. last year, one of the students who attend school there was injured in the boston marathon bomb and the community rallied around him. they are hoping they can to the same for glen's family. ann notarangelo tar, kpix5. >> the district has a crisis team in place and is providing
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grief counselors for students and teachers. gray skies. another round of rain moving in just in time for our evening commute. chief meteorologist paul deanno tells us there will be a few chances of rain coming this week. >> reporter: how about it. looks like we're in a different season. look at this. just in time for the evening commute. the heaviest rainfall we have seen all they long is now being picked up by kpix5 high def doppler. the yellow that you see is the soaking rainfall. the green is the light stuff. that soaking rainfall now invading oakland and emeryville. working its way south. almost to san mateo. leaving the city will be a soggy mess. light rain continues in the north bit. vallejo, petaluma -- bay. vallejo, petaluma. all this rain is beginning to add up. the water year, one month and two days ago we were 16% of
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normal. as of today, 44% of normal. one, we have come a long way. two, we still have a long way to go. but so much better than we were. here is the reason we're seeing rain about every other day. that ridge of high pressure that blocked all the storms is no where to be seen. so all the moisture that moves across the pacific now gets the opportunity to move into northern california. and we will continue to see rain moving in about every other day. the rain is working its way south tonight. it will be a slow commute. not a wash out like we had last week. this is the first of three different rain events this week. ryan takeo out driving. how is it looking, ryan? >> reporter: oh, joy. just in time for the evening commute. about to head on to 24 interchange right here heading over to walnut creek. not too bad. we're heading northbound.
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heading southbound p was a nightmare -- was a nightmare like it normally is. even worse since the last 20 minutes or so. we wanted to ask the chp golden gate division for some numbers to show just how the rain impacts the commute. so, last friday they gave us these numbers. there were 432 collisions. compare that. that's 37% more than the friday before. so that's definitely does make an impact. you see out in front of mobile weather right now. you can see that it's spitting out. we will check back in with you coming up at 6:00. live in oakland. i'm ryan takeo. kpix5. >> all right, ryan. another major winter storm is taking aim at the nation's mid atlantic states today as far south as the carolinas. the storm is slowing things town at sfo with five departures and 20 arrivals canceled. the storm has dumped snow and
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ice on much of the east coast. schools canceled. buses not running, and in washington, d.c., the federal government was closed for the day. this state has seen up to eight inches of snow in this latest storm. new at 1:00, a newark woman is accused of brutally attacking her mother. kpix5's len ramirez in new york with the story of a hammer attack, and a mother who is fighting for her life tonight. len. >> reporter: allen, that 75- year-old mother is in critical condition with several skull fractures. her 57-year-old daughter is at the santa rita jail tonight facing attempted murder charges. it all happened here at the family's home here in the city of newark. police got a call from a woman saying that she had attacked her mother inside the residence with a hammer. when police arrived at the scene, they contacted cindy lynn of san mateo. police say she admitted to officers she attacked her mother with the hammer hitting her several times in head. officers locate the mother inside the home. she was still bleeding from the
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head. they immediately called her to be transport toad a trauma center where she is being treated for her multiple skull fractures l one neighbor told us the victim and the daughter were a quiet family. >> she seemed like a nice lay difficult she was always outside with her coffee and her cigarette. i don't know why someone would want to do that to her. her daughter seemed nice, too. they're always out here, family is always here, stuff like that. they're a really nice family. i have no idea what has gone -- what was going on. >> the daughter was arrested for attempted murder. assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. the mother is still listed in critical condition. reporting live from newark, len ramirez, kpix5. now, to the crisis in ukraine. russia has issued new ultimate tips as it adds -- ultimatum as it adds to suggestions from
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crimea. they are calling for a national unity deal. it is also demanding that the crew of two ukraineia next warships surrender. but ukraine's active president says they are ready to defend themselves. charlie tagart tells us ukraine is not backing down. >> reporter: they are trying to determine what, if anything can be done about russia's military intervention in crimea and further activity along ukraine's eastern board. ukraine board guards have recorded seeing build up of forces along that board. ukraine prime minister says his country is on the brink of discasese sass they are. they have put their military on high alert. 130,000 active soldiers. but hundreds of thousands of reservist telling them to get
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ready to fight. >> charlie d'agart tonight. president obama says russia is on the wrong side of history. he said today any russian threat to ukraine's navy would be a dangerous escalation of an already tense situation. the president told reporters in the oval office the u.s. is working on sanctions against russia as well as an aid package for ukraine. at the ewe nateed nations, russia's ambassador claim theouted ukraine president asked for u.s. troops to restore order. >> i would say mr. puin asked them to cruise the forces of the russian federation to establish law and forder, stability and defending the people of ukraine. >> russia has every right to wish that events in ukraine had under the out differently, but it does not have the right to express that unhappiness by using military force or by trying to convince the world community that up is town and -- down and black is white.
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>> secretary of state john kerry does kiev tomorrow. if the united states bring harsh sanctions against russia, how will that effect the tech industry in california. a former u.s. ambassador to russia tells us. >> very directly. there are russian companies. terrific russian companies. i know them, that invest here in the silicon valley. if the government of the united states decides to sank russian companies, that will create problems for the business deals and investments that they have here. >> there is already been a cost to all of this. a sell off in world markets, including the united states. the dough, the nasdaq, s&p all trading lower because of the crisis. a horrific head-on crash. mother accused of driving drunk with her toddler. the other mistake police say made this accident even worse. gunfire shatters a small bay area restaurant. the owner left traumatized. the community reaction to the crime he never expected.
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[mom] you've got two left feet,boo. traffic this morning. officers eventually stopped driver of a stol a strange slow speed police chase tied up traffic this morning. officers eventually stopped the driver of the stolen truck in san francisco on the 11. 46-year-old hector fuentes was arrested. he was slowed down only after the chp used a spike strip to flatten his tires. westbound bay area traffic -- bay bridge traffic was stopped for a while during the incident. the back up at the toll plaza lasted past noon. one person was killed. three hurt after two separate accidents in fremont. they happened less than mile from each other. the most recent hand about 6:00 this morning. a woman was hit and killed
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while walking in the crosswalk the 49-year-old driver told police he initially thought he hit a bird. the driver is cooperating with officers. the second accident happened just down the road from that. a head-on collision that left a little girl fighting for her life. kpix5's ann macovich on high police say the girl's accident was avoidable. >> addresser hit this camry head on. in the backseat of her car, her 4-year-old daughter in a car seat but wasn't secured. >> the car seat basically flew from one side of the vehicle to the other, and the child likely hit her head on impact. >> the little girl was taken to children's hospital with critical head injuries. the mother was seriously injured, but is expected to survive as is the 30-year-old man who was driving the camry. but police say both driver may eventually face charges of dui. >> the male driver made a statement that he had been
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drinking earlier and they smelled alcohol on the female driver. >> they won't know how much until toxicology reports come in. the mother could also face charges of child endangerment or neglect because of the car seat not being properly secured. in fremont, ann macovich kpix5. >> police had oscar road closed for more than six and a half hours as they continued their investigation. rare corvette gobbled up by a giant sink hole. now, crews are full them out. and you may be shocked at their condition. >> pizza is here. the unexpected star of the oscars. how ellen has put a california pizza chain on the map. >> i don't have any money. who here -- ,,,,,,,,
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geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera. >>ah, actually i think my eyes might ha... next! digital insurance id cards. just a tap away on the geico app. area restaurant owner. the n is dealing with the falloutm this a pleasant surprise for a bay area restaurant owner. the woman is dealing with the fall out from a shooting in her business this past weekend. she was worried about customers being scared away. well kpix5's john ramos on what happened today that is giving her new hope. >> she is very fearful still, very terrified. she sees it in her head over and other again. >> she own's pa's restaurant in downtown san after fell went was here saturday morning when autobahnman entered and shot a customer three times. morea opened the restaurant 10
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months ago to help support her seven kids, but building the business has been slow process. >> we said wow, with this now, it is going to seem slower. we might have to close down the business because nobody is going to want to come in here. >> but, they miff underestimated their neighbors a bit. ed to at lump, first time customers began showing up just to show their -- lunch, first time customers began showing up. >> it has nothing to do with the tragedy, their restaurant doesn't. >> your business becomes your home. to have something like taco bell happen in your home is sad. >> i am here to defend the restaurant and owners, but also my community. >> they say some regulars didn't show upped to. they are hoping in time they will return. but, for now, the new guests are take up the slack and raising spirits. >> how does it feeled to to have people show up? >> oh, my god. so overwhelming. so beautiful. so amazing. just makes me want to cry. i cried all morning. yeah. >> if you just could want the people here, the lunch hour looked kind of average.
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but if you're countening hearts, this place was -- counting hearts, this place was full. >> san rafael police are not releasing the name of the shooting victim, but they say he has been upgraded to serious condition. supervisor pushing ahead with the proposal to regulate electronic cigarettes just like tobacco products. that means restrictions on where e-cigarette can be smoked and they cannot be sold to kids younger than 18. they say the supervisor is confident the full board will approve the plan later on this month. today, crews at the national corvette museum started removing vintage cars that were swallowed up by a sink hole. took about two hours to get this 2009 blue devil out. kind of some time lapse video shows you the process involving cranes, other heavy equipment. the corvette was in such good condition, officials were actually able to start it and drive it away, much to the
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delight of the crowd. that sink hole opened understood last month on the floor of the national corvette museum. surveillance caught it gobbling up eight corvettes that were on display. there was a total of about a million dollars. >> they should use that as a commercial to a testment of their stability. >> yeah. epg. >> bad timing on the range but man do we need it. >> yeah. this has been great. nice, steady rain. >> every other day. it has been nice. >> reporter: where was this for the first half of winter? don't worry about. this can't go back. live in the now. the now is a wet now. can't see much of the city because it's a steadty rainfall out there. temperatures have fallen. right around 60 degrees every where including okay land, san francisco, livermore at 59. santa rosa, you have seen rain all day long.
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you can draw a line from fremont over to about point south. you are still waiting on the rainfall on the peninsula in the south bay. but, man, sitcomming down for you in -- is it coming down for you in the city. pockets of heavier rainfall impacting 680 around livermore and pleasanton, dublin and the trivalley. light rain has made it up to lafayette, concord and walnut creek. here comes the rainfall once again. here is why we need it to rain a lot in march. arming rainfall in february is one of our wettest months. four and a halfisms. march, still pretty soggy. about three quarters of an inch. all summer long we fall off. so if we are going to make up anymore of this deficit, it is going to happen in the next four weeks. i am happy to report it will keep happening. the rim of high pressure is now way down -- ridge of high pressure is now way down south. i had to zoom the map out to show places in california.
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the high pressure has gone on spring break. allows storms to ride up over top of the ridge of high pressure right into northern california. the ridge is no long raploching the rhode island it is actually giving it -- longer blocking the rain. rain overnight. rain will be done by the drive you drive back to work tomorrow. staying unsettled. another low pressure area with the same storm track on thursday. another one coming up over the weekend. san rafael 66. fremont 64. mountain view 66 degrees tomorrow. check out the highs.
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they will be close to 70 even with cloudy conditions. another round of rain on thursday. the two nicest days to ghettoed will be friday and saturday up into the low 70ed with sunshine. for the second half of the weekend, here comes the third wave of rainfall with highs in the upper 60s. no big storm. this will not make up a humid deficit, but we're now -- huge deficit, but we are now in a pattern we have been waiting on. couple days of dry was like 80. >> now we can fill up the bucket. >> reporter: and we are. lots of parents use noise- making devices to calm their baby or help them get to sleep. if you're one of them, you should hear what a new study has to say. >> they have lulled many infants get sleep and helped parents get shut eye, too. but a new study finds those machines and cuddly toys that produce soothing sounds can have an alarming down side. they can damage an infants
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hearing when set too loud or placed too close to a baby. pleasanton pediatrician says it is something he's been concerned about for years. >> babies could be pretty sensitive, especially at the newborn period where they have very small structures in their ears. >> researchers evaluated 14 popular machines and devices and found when set at maximum volume, from about a foot away, all exceeded 68 decibles. the doctor says it is about comparison. >> some of these parents are using these devices all during the night. so, the babies are exposed to this level of sound all nigh long. >> a study done more than a decade ago recommended less than 50 decibles as the maximum noise limit for improving newborn sleep. it's something you can easily measure with an app. the study recommends parents
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place the monitors as far away from their baby as possible and keep them at a low volume. and only use them for a short period of time. and, he says, if that doesn't work, try something else. >> all babies aren't the same. you need to try different things to find out what works best for the baby. >> the study calls on the makers of these noise devices to limit their maximum volume, including a printed warning and put a timer on the device. a trade group that represents makers of the baby products says it welcomes any information that advances the safety of children. okay. so maybe you didn't get to walk the red carpet. but, you can still be part of one of the biggest moments from the oscars. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. i didn't want to do this story because it was overplayed. but there is a playoff at the end so bear with me. the selfie seen around the
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world. ellen degeneres' selfie. it crashed twitter. i don't want to brag. here is the play involve. i was there, too. maybe you didn't notice this last night. >> you're holding the camera. >> i was. we found an app that lets you put your own face in there next to the a-listers. liz, i see you kind of got in there on the fun, too. >> oh, yes. i wish i could have been on yen jr.'s dress. >> bradley cooper will not like that. if you want to be a part of the most retweeted picture you can. ellen not only made us laugh last night. she also made us hungry. >> at one point she decided to order pizza for some of the people in the audience. >> come on down.
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i lied. we weren't going backstage. okay. >> this moment is great. she had three pizzas deliver and handed out slices along with plastic plates and paper napkins. just who is that very lucky pizza delivery guy? he is actually the owner of pizza franchise inl that is, of course, exploding with business. the pizza guy said he was in shock and that his biggest thrill was meeting long-time crush julia roberts. >> and then he got paid because he scored about thousand bucks in tips. he did split the tip with all of his employees. now he's famous pizza. >> i am sure the stars were very grateful. >> no doubt. for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly in new york. >> hi allen and liz. a super pow r.ful confrontation in ukraine. we are covering the russian invasion there. plus, the latest on another wave of winter hitting the east. and, we will take look at a
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plan designed to make cell phones theft proof. we seal have those stories tonight on the cbs evening news at 1:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,[ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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[ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪ tonight: a developing story in the et bay. reports of a sexual i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. knew at 6:00, a developing story in the east bay. reports of a sexual assault on the hercules middle school campus. we are working details of the attack involving a student, coming up. >> we will look for that.
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thank you, ken. thank you for watching us. cbs evening news with scott pelly is coming up next. >> we will see you at 6:00. you, will you fight? >> pelley: liz palmer crimea is covering the russian invasion, with charlie d'agata in kiev and major garrett at the white house. another wave of winter shuts down parts of the east while plummeting temperatures create dangerous ice in the south. manual bojorquez and jeff pegues are on the story. can a cell phone be theft proof? elaine quijano on an idea that just might work. and what will go into the museum of the u.s. army? chip reid has the first look at our priceless history. >> reporter: so general ulysses s. grant actually wore this hat? >> yes, he did. captioning sponsored by cbs